Ragavendra Mutt

Ragavendra Mutt
This place is considered to be holier than Mantralaya, where the brindavan of the Guru of Raghavendra's Guru seen in the southern side Cauvery. Saint Raghevendra is believed to have visited this place. Though devotees come here daily, huge crowd gets together on Thursdays.

Sankara Mutt
This is the place which was shifted from Kanchi some 200 years ago. Situated on the banks of Cauvery, even now the mutt conducts Veda Classes and religious preachings frequently. Brindavans of three Jagath Guru Acharyas are seen in the front side of the mutt. 

This is bulit by Tanjore Maharaja on the banks of cauvery in the 17th Century. Though this is more than 300 years old, Veda classes are being conducted regularly. It is very marvellous to see the students reciting Vedas and Manthras in their traditional dress ( Dhoti, Half shaven head ) in chorus.